About Centove Group

Centove Group

Centove Group Limited was founded in 2013 with the object of living up to the expectation of the name ‘Centove’ which is a corruption of two English words namely ‘Centre of’ and ‘ventures’. Our primary objective is to foster innovation, promoting advancement and revolution in the Information, Communication and Technology Industry through world-class and industry-leading products and services.

We have in the recent past managed to put together a strong and future-looking support Network of Consultants comprising seasoned and key industry players drawn from diverse fields of expertise ranging from Engineering, Sales and Marketing, Business and Corporate Law to Accountancy and Business Management.

At Centove Group, we pride ourselves in having the capacity, resources, training and expertise, motivation and drive necessary to accomplish even the most daunting of projects imaginable. Our success lies not only in our world-class products and services but also in the rare talents of our teams. We thrive under the consistent guidance and leadership of some of the brightest and most experienced Executives in business.

Our sustainability objective is to create industry leading value with products and services that consumers prefer. We believe in consistently surpassing our clients’ needs through innovation and quality service delivery. At Centove, when we set a goal, our team will work their hardest not just to meet it but to exceed it.

Our Inspiration

Value Innovation Creating today’s futures.

“To us, the difference lies in con-sistently delivering certainty where our clients need it most”

Our Core Values

At Centove we value impact over presence. We undertake all our duties and obligations with utmost sense of responsibility. We have confidence in each other’s capabilities and intentions. We believe that people work best when there is a foundation of trust.

We pride ourselves in creating today’s futures through innovation and definiteness of purpose. We believe we are as good as our last best record. We aim to establish , maintain and sustain industry leadership not by being comfortable but by consistently perfecting our craft.

At CGL we TIC. We finish what we start; we mean what we say and we don’t say one thing and do something else. We believe consistency is an indispensable aspect of innovation and trust.

At CGL we believe innovation means creating today’s futures. We build class-leading products and offer top-notch services that do not only solve the most immediate and delicate of needs of our clients but also cater for the almost indefinite demands of their futures.

Everyday we are inspired by our vision to become the leading technology-driven driven products and service provider in Africa.

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Our Promise

Our business is entirely informed by our customers’ needs

Its is our fundamental goal and objective to become a customer First, cus-tomer Centric, customer Focused, cus-tomer Driven and Customer Trusted company. When we look at our customers, we do not just see numbers, we see fruitful, fulfilling and beneficial working relationships built our foundation of trust, value innovation and consistency in excellent service delivery. We don’t just sell to our clients. We even endeavour to support their community-based activities unrelated to the service we provide to them. We give back because we care.

Our relationship with our clients is thus a journey; a journey towards perfection, quality and value. Our skilled support team will always endeavour to offer our clients the most trustworthy, innovative and consistent round the clock sup-port as and when needed. Our support team will constantly employ intelligent client complaints and compliments evaluation to establish how to best satisfy them. We are keen on making our turn-around time as short as possible.

Our Partners