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SchoolCloud is an all-round relational software that affords teachers, parents and students the convenience of a com-prehensive round-the-clock assessment of their key school performance metrics. The software employs sophisticated analytics that effectively tracks the efficiency, performance, progress and quality of various typical school’s metrics including academic performance, extra-curricular activities, parent-teacher collaboration and goal realizations.

SchoolCloud is inspired by the urge to see every African child get quality and affordable education. We believe the first step towards achievement of this noble goal lies in holistic and progressive audit of every learner’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This we do through our intelligent integrated relational metric system.

SchoolCloud is aware the single most prominent challenge to realization of holistic quality primary and secondary school education is communication. It believes mediocrity, underperformance and inconsistencies thrive in chaos and inefficiencies. Parents and guardians need to keep a finger on their children’s performance pulse; Teachers need to effectively drive every learner’s growth holistically. This cannot be possible if you don’t have the right and accurate information.

It’s time to cut the data clutter. School Cloud delivers the data education stakeholders need to manage the learning process in real time on a single, easy-to-use platform. Now you can connect your data sources to see emerging trends, uncover critical insights, and take action wherever, wherever. That’s life: balanced. For more Information or to request for a demo email Joseph through jondier@centove.co.ke or call +254(0)712 503 112.

C-NET WIFI Portal features a customizable captive portal based on users' preferences. It is simple and easy to run your offers, promotions and discounts on the captive portal; whether text, image or video. C-NET WIFI Portal builds customers' profiles and helps generate a targeted marketing list. The Portal features a simple yet powerful analytics that can tell the frequency of a customer's visits to the premises among other information. The portal allows our clients to conduct customer satisfaction polls while the customer is online or via text once a customer leaves the premises. For more Information or to request for a demo email Nick through nickndegwa@centove.co.ke or call +254(0)711 433 479.

GreenSmart is and Intelligent Green House manager that leverages on Internet of Things. The device monitors different aspects of a green house and triggers corrective measures realtime. GreenSmart can run multiple green houses with very little human involvement to ensure the ultimate crop success.

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Photo of Centove Group Limited

Other Services we offer

image Quality Website Design, Development and Deployment complete with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

image Our Softwares are customizable to client’s needs. We build Web, Mobile and Desktop Apps/Software.

image We offer consultancy services on matters of Software Development and Network Design, Set up and troubleshooting.